I just finished a lesson on GA Dash! Welcome to the Summer Blog Party.

I just finished a lesson on GA Dash! Welcome to the Summer Blog Party.

Meta-commentary. At a blogging workshop talking about themes, and this popped up.


A haiku from the article: Should We All Learn to Code?

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National Security Pundits Panic

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee was just on TV saying that the appropriate solution to the chaos in Iraq is to “get together a group of the military people and diplomats who won the war” to discuss what to do. Suggestion: if Iraq is in chaos shortly after our departure, perhaps we didn’t win.

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John Oliver invites ninety-seven scientists to discuss climate change with three skeptics. I want to see this every time.


John Oliver Hosts a Mathematically Representative Climate Change Debate on ‘Last Week Tonight’

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This is a great six-minute short course in how to be a writer. It looks off-hand, but it manages to include all of the best advice I’ve ever read on how to do creative work.


How to Start Writing with Loose Video Game Analogy! (by Felicia Day)

Friday Vidya! I give some writing advice!

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Goruck SD20 backpack with three days’ worth of conference gear.

Geekdom is not a club; it’s a destination, open to anyone who wants to put in the time and effort to travel there.

In which alpha geek John Siracusa says anyone can be a geek. See also John Scalzi pulling rank on someone who claims to speak for all geeks.

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