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See, I look around technology today (tech and ed-tech) and I see an incredible reverberation of the work of the behaviorist BF Skinner, for example. Now if you turn to programs in “academia” that teach “educational theory,” you’ll find that Skinner, while taught, isn’t lauded. He hasn’t been for decades. He was resoundingly dismissed in other disciplinary circles too via Noam Chomsky. And yet, all around me, I see Skinnerism – click-for-immediate-feedback. People as pigeons. Zynga. Farmville. Gamification. But without the language and the theory and the history to say, “hey we recognized in the mid 1960s that this was a wretched path, one with all sorts of anti-democratic repercussions,” we’re not just making the same mistakes again, we’re actually engaging in reactionary practices – politically, pedagogically.

NLRB recognizes McDonalds as joint employer

This means the corporation is jointly responsible for how franchises treat employees. Which is awesome news.

Standard industry sophistry ensues:

"David French, senior vice president with the National Retail Federation, called the decision “outrageous.” “It is just further evidence that the N.L.R.B. has lost all credibility as a government agency established to protect workers and is now just a government agency that serves as an adjunct for organized labor…."

Note the inability to conceive that organized labor is also involved in protecting workers.

The National Labor Relations Board was set up to help enforce labor law and mediate disputes between workers, their union reps, and businesses. It is met with fury every time it actually does this.

I just finished a lesson on GA Dash! Welcome to the Summer Blog Party.

I just finished a lesson on GA Dash! Welcome to the Summer Blog Party.

Meta-commentary. At a blogging workshop talking about themes, and this popped up.


A haiku from the article: Should We All Learn to Code?

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National Security Pundits Panic

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee was just on TV saying that the appropriate solution to the chaos in Iraq is to “get together a group of the military people and diplomats who won the war” to discuss what to do. Suggestion: if Iraq is in chaos shortly after our departure, perhaps we didn’t win.

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John Oliver invites ninety-seven scientists to discuss climate change with three skeptics. I want to see this every time.


John Oliver Hosts a Mathematically Representative Climate Change Debate on ‘Last Week Tonight’

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